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By mrmedia
I'd like to start by saying I had no problems with my car hire. Prompt, courteous, efficient. Centauro.

As usual, they sold me a tank of fuel which could be reimbursed if I returned the car full.

I drove around for the week until it was rasping empty and then filled up for €33 which came out on the statement at £29.
Also on the statement was the original bill for the fuel - £59. They indeed credited my account once I had returned the car, but still...

£30 markup on a £29 tank of gas! That’s over 100%!!!
By Info
I don't think the AGIP Petrol station near Alicante Airport is 100% dearer per litre on fuel charges The dearest to the cheapest are usually about 5cent difference per litre. It is common for char hire companies to charge a €10/€20 admin fee for filling up the car.

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