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By Deb64
What we done in June as we where getting a mid morning train was book the car into Umberella parking for 12euros and then got the C6 bus from the airport to the station 3.80e each bus every 20 mins. There was even people getting of the Torrevieja bus and then getting the c6 into Alicante. The parking at the station was going to be 90e
By Beardyboy
We are going on the Pullmantur Cruise which departs from the cruise port in Alicante on Saturday. I have pre booked a meet and greet with Parkvia for less than €40 for the week. I imagine you could do the same if going away for a day or two and travelling by train. It would save the journey from the airport that was previously suggested. Check it out on line and please let us know the outcome as we plan to visit Valentcia in mid November and would consider travelling by train too. Thanks.
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By hashtag
jimny1 wrote:
Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:57 pm
Only the carpark now, no more free parking down side streets around as far as i know
Plenty of free street parking within a 5 minute walk of the station, in the streets around the law court.

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