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By hotspur
I am seeking recommendations for a good quality white paint to paint the Internal walls of my apartment.
Your advices would be appreciated.
By freddo
Good paint store at quesada next to Quesada fish and chips called Quesada Colours english owned
By Deb64
There are two paint shops next to each other on the industrial Est in Torrevieja, just up from the water park.
By strolling_minstrel
freddo wrote:
Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:40 am
Good paint store at quesada next to Quesada fish and chips called Quesada Colours english owned
Not sure the guy who runs it would appreciate being called English but they do a good range of paints in there. He's also very helpful.
By hotspur
Thank you for the response, interesting no one suggested a Home and Hardware superstore like AKI
By Beardyboy
If you look in the Chinese shops, most stock bottles of paint tints. I bought a bottle of black and mixed it with white to make a wonderful grey...worked very well. I think the bottle cost less that a Euro. The paint I refer to was water based..I.e.emulsion. I don’t know if they carry any oil based tints but imagine you are going to use emulsion.
If this works, please post a reply.
Good luck anyway.

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