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By mariac
You will have a wonderful time , first cruise always one to remember.i don't think you can opt out of the tips paying upfront is easier and fairer at least everyone gets their share. You can of course give extra if you feel like it.
We are travelling with Vivalia and they take you straight to the ship.
I'm sure it will be easy to find if you are going it alone .
Remember to take a jacket it could be cold in November .
By Beardyboy
Hi Libra girl,
I am really sorry that we will not be on board your cruise as we go the following week..4th. My husband is also a Libyan so very indecisive hence the reason that I try to organise everything! We are from Northern Ireland and I am a little noisy at times but could have done with your support.
Remember, the shops will be closed in Malaga on the Sunday. There are beautiful shops on the port but as I recall mostly household/ classy furniture. There is a large shopping centre which will more than likely like Habenares..within a taxi drive. I love the suggestion of going on the Ferris wheel at the end of the pier. We came into Malaga some years ago on a cruise and along with an American couple we took a taxi which drove us up the hill to the big Spanish owned hotel P......... where we parked and were shown the stunning view over the city. It was stupendous, you could see all the cruise ships, the big bullring , the castle and much more. The restaurants in the streets are beautiful and even if you only stop for a coffee or a glass or two of vino, it is lovely. Malaga has really grown into a very smart cosmopolitan city with all of the famous designer shops which unfortunately will be closed. Take a taxi and organise a good price! We did and it was value for money as he took us everywhere. Most of the taxi drivers are keen to drive you to Marbella so that they can get a good fare. Stay in Malaga and enjoy it.
Hope you have a wonderful trip. We have been to Rome so I am seriously considering enjoying the port instead of going on a long days travelling and sightseeing. I fully intend to buy a huge piece of Parmesan cheese which I will give to friends before Christmas and keep some for ourselves too!
I have unpacked a lot of clothes and will try to take less and leave room for purchases instead. Exciting times ahead.
By cameron
Hope you enjoyed the cruise as much as we did. It was a bit chilly the day we went to Florence and also drizzled with rain but at least the lucky lucky men did a roaring trade selling umbrellas. Fabulous cruise all round but English should always book with Marina Travel in Malaga for the best entertainment etc. couldn’t fault them and they also picked us up in Alicante but believe this is changing now. They are doing a 6 night Portugal cruise next year for 350 euros. Apart from buying perfume and jewellery on board we didn’t spend anything. Had a lunchtime meal in Rome and Florence both at 15 euros each, we brought all our spending money home. Even UK spirits were included in the all inclusive deal, no need to buy a drinks package.
By mariac
Yes it was great ,loved the entertainment, food fantastic and drink ????what can I say ,,,never drinking again, never eating again either.
We are thinking of doing a transatlantic in April , must look up the Portagual one .
Pity we didn't bump into you .
By cameron
You probably did but most of the time we were dressed in fancy dress for Halloween, Red night, rock roll night, Tropical night, black and white night etc. all good fun but our entertainment differed from the ship’s entertainment so on our Tropical night I believe the ship had an elegant night, all very confusing especially when I went to dinner in my grass skirt.

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