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By dave c
3,45 kW x 23 days x 0,104229 €/kW day 8,27 €


3,45 kW x 23 days x 0,008529 €/kW day 0,68 €

Energy consumption billing: This comprises two concepts: access toll billing (product of kWh used multiplied by the access toll power charge) and energy cost billing (product of kWh used multiplied by the VPSC hourly power charge).

Energy access usage charge

P 18 kWh x 0,062012 €/kWh1,12 € V 91 kWh x 0,002215 €/kWh 0,20 €

Total energy amounts to 05/10/2017 1,32 €

Energy cost

P 18 kWh x 0,071356 €/kWh1,28 € V 91 kWh x 0,064127 €/kWh 5,84 €

Total up to 05/10/2017 7,12 €

Electricity tax: Special tax at the rate of 5.11269632 % on the billing of supplied electricity.

Electricity tax

5,11269632% s/17,39 € 0,89 €

Subtotal 18,28 €

Control and metering equipment rental. Established price

my last bill from iberdrola. Day/night tarrif
By dave c
the way I see it, I'm paying 13 cents day and 6 cents night. approx.
Not bad seeing as how you don't live here. bet you're paying a lot more in freezing Scotland. :D
By reagan
we pay a fixed rate of €70 a month and after 6 months they calculate it and we either pay more or we get a refund last month we used €53 but the month before €80 , but of course we are always here and use TV and PC a lot ,and `ER indoors keeps finding stuff for the washing machine but that goes on at night
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