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By Boatman52
Hi, anyone else been plagued by insect bites? OH has several bites with blisters forming on top lasting longer then the usual mozzie bites. Never experienced them before as usually mozzie bites irritate few days then disappear. Not sure what has bitten her as smothers herself with mozzie spray protector day and night. Any advice please as ruining her stay.

By Josie
When I was badly bitten one October in Spain I used Tea Tree oil which stopped the itching whilst reducing the swelling and a Spanish doctor put me on a strong course of anithistamines. Hope she can find relief soon as I know how painful such bits can be.
By Papag
Been coming here for 16 years or so can never remember a time when mossie's etc have caused so many bites and misery to so many people, as orig poster says its really destroying the joy of being here.
By dave c
is it maybe their " end of season " where they go a bit mad - like wasps I believe?
By dave c
The only thing that's biting here in Scotland today is the wind - it's freezing!!!!
By jimny1
soapydave wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:00 pm
if you catch a sturgeon in uk waters ,its got be given to the Queen.
Best to throw it back , but i'd leave the hook firmly embedded in the mouth, it might stop further verbal diarrhea :wink:
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