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By Moderator
As I am fast approaching my 65th birthday, I think it`s time to call it a day.
The site is now up for sale. It really needs to be in the hands of of an owner that is based in Spain and not the UK.

I am not going to say a price but if people want to make an offer then they can contact me by email/PM with a price. If I don`t reply back then the offer is not acceptable.

If the site is not sold by December then it will be closed down and I will retain the name.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

By gardner8
Such a shame. Thank you for the years of pleasure and useful information I have received as a result of this site, however I have wondered lately how much longer it would survive as a result of certain members (my view).
By Sunshine Girl
I have to thank Gary for running this site for many years as it has provided countless bits of useful information for people wanting to come, buy and live in Spain. I am sure there are literally hundreds of grateful posters who would have found it difficult to find the answers they needed and the useful advise that has smoothed their path into Spanish life. I for one have found it invaluable over the years but nothing lasts forever, I guess.

May you have a long and a very happy Happy Retirement !! :)
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