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By byrnech

I need to replace my invacom c120 flange quad lnb. For my 2.4 prime focus dish. It’s over 10 years and failing. It seems impossible to get a new one. Twins are available but not quads. Any suggestions as to the best alternative . Must be a quad though , I share it with my neighbour
By satandpcguy
Invacom has not made c120 prime focus lnbs for a few years now, since the demand for them went down so much as the demand for such dishes went down as people moved to smaller dishes, or iptv.

Most onlineer that say they have "Invacom c120 flange quad lnb" will probably send you a quatto instead... have had this happen to a few clients i have been to!

Although the inverto on the page above may be available, i have found that they are not as good and a few channels just dont come in.

The current way is to get a good offset LNB, and convert it to a prime focus LNB by adding a feedhorn
By satandpcguy
freddo wrote:
Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:26 am
You obviously did not scroll down the page there is an InvacomC120 there
They may have one listed, but does not mean they have them, as for about 2 years now, they have been like gold dust and hard to find, as invacom have not made them for a few years. And I am sure that is one of many companies i contacted when trying to find a batch of them....

But I have seen the one on the page, which is a "universal" / offset invacom quad (not ideal for a prime focus dish without a lot of "bodging"), and not a prime focus invacom quad
By TVTechnology
Yup, they are harder than gold dust to find - a while back went on a mission to buy as many as we could from anywhere in the world & struggled to just find a couple.

What may be an option for the original poster is to get the QUATTRO LNB prime focus and a multi-switch unit which can then give you (for example) 8 output ports.

The downside being you need a multi-switch, an extra piece of equipment, as well as the Quattro LNB - but will give you more ports/backups or allow additional connections for yourself / neighbours.

Above is the proper way to do this - you can bodge an offset Quad LNB, but outputs can be variable on certain frequencies & will be lower than a prime focus LNB, which is designed for this dish type.

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