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Looking for advice please . I’ve just arrived here with a humax hdr1100s . I set it up at home and was delighted with it. However here it will not pick up a signal despite using a 2.4 m dish . I’ve since looked at other forums and notice that this new box is useless here .. Any ideas on the best box with recording facility either built in or by external hard drive for this area . Was using A zgemma but that got corrupted & id prefer to stay clear of that one . Any advice appreciated 👍
byrnech wrote:
Thu May 30, 2019 3:08 pm
I’ve since looked at other forums and notice that this new box is useless here ..
Dont know where you have read that, they work fine, and should have no problems with a 2.4m dish in your area.
The best box for recording of the free channels is the Humax HDR 1100s.
If it is not working, then perhaps you have connected your single cable to input 2, and not input 1?
So the general consensus is your Humax is a good box for the job & should work :D

It may be something else - have you got both the cable connections - 2 of connected around the back, or are you trying to make work on a single connection?

If the box does not see the EPG data frequency, it won't work - it is possible that if something is interfering with this frequency, will stop box booting up if set up as Freesat/mode.


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