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I'm not an infrastructure, ethernet, networking expert but the article does strike me as a little 'confused'.

It starts by talking about ISP providers throttling bandwidth, which I believe does happen, but then goes on to sell a product which is effectively an amplifier, improving coverage in blackspots within your own local area network (LAN). It then claims that this amplifier tricks the ISP by withholding usage figures, but how can it do this because all the data comes from the ISP anyway? The ISP knows you have just streamed the latest series of Game of Thrones, it knows how much data has been posted to your router.

At the end of the day, data networks are like water pipes. You can have a large diameter supply pipe but if there are lots of users with taps connected to the pipe and they all turn on their taps at the same time then they will all experience poor flow (contention).

I stand to be corrected by someone with more network knowledge than myself.
Expert magazines say "best reception we've tried, ever.
It Doesn't actually give the names of any.

Special Offer Now $49 vs $82.99 - for Online Shoppers ONLY! - available while supplies last.
If it were any good you wouldn't sell it at half price, Special offer?? it can only be bought online anyway, while supplies last!!! it's so good they are not going to make anymore :lol: ... work_id=69
It doesn't exactly look like an easy plug and play scenario
All it is is a basic "wifi" signal booster, boosting signal from your current router around your house.
No way will it increase the speeds coming into your router...

Anything that starts with 'honestly and genius' in its header is set up for a fall :D

Agreed - to me looks exactly like a bog standard wifi repeater costing WAY more than it should be. It is not even a dual-band one or with 'additional external antennas' €20-€30 not €85-€100. Unless i've missed something.

It's one of those generic selling pages which sees where you are, hence the 'inventor in Spain' BS, but the page in English. If you were opening this in France, it would change to say 'inventor in France'.

It's simply a sales capture page, trying to sell what is a standard product and make it sound like something it really isn't - a bit of over inflation descriptive wise.

If your ISP is throttling, consider perhaps use a VPN or VPN router.

If you see these type of advert pages pop up - facebook/google internet type adverts - check to see the product elsewhere.

I've seen a very similar style which seemingly pops up when it starts warming up here 'New portable cooling device' nice single sales page with a €99 product, with a timed discount. That same product is elsewhere, for €25-€30.

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