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By Rodtoms
After having a good 3-4 months of no satellite pixilation, tonight has been terrible for pixilation on all channels ITV, BBC, channel 4. What’s happening. I get also no signal signal showing frequently.
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By Rodtoms
Last night (Wednesday) the satellite signal was perfect (no pixilation) on any channels
very strange compared to the other night, so i dont think the dish is out of line.
Must be signal interference locally.
By TVTechnology
Or a change in the weather? We sometimes lose ours during heavy rain and the proximity of storms and Tuesday was rather wet.
A little light rain should be fine - though all rain well weaken signal. Only really in heavy storm rain or gott fria, should it knock out everything.

A little cloud cover again ok, but electrical type storms, when you hear the thunder and lightning, can also cause signal issues.

Torre & locally still have a lot of these WiMax type services and we have seen them cause problems from time to time, they can run tests, boost their signal as weak (a competitor interfering), then satellite dishes in the midpoint get hit and affected. Then, all ok again....hmmm

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