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By honey1
WOMAN OLD BOND !!(well grey but close enough) Ive had to change my sky box and this one has come with Tyne Tees local news on, how can I change it to Yorkshire,I like to see the local news Calenader many thanks in advance ps Nothing too complicated :D :D :D
By honey1
Hi Fred its a sky plus box that's all I know it came with a white card in but its logged on to Tyne Tees it says underneath DRX890WL_C if that helps xx
By satandpcguy
Are you a Sky subscriber?
If so you need to insert your own sky card...and this will default to the regions of where the sky account is located in the UK.

If not a Sky subscriber, then no idea why you went for a Sky+HD box as you cannot record on it without a subscription. A non subscription Sky card only gives access to two or three channels these days anyway...and you cannot change the address of those non subscription cards anyway, especially if you do not know the details of its previous owner.

So you will be stuck with that regions of ITV on 103, unless you can find someone with a card for the region you want.

You can add an ITV region to your boxes "other channels" is a bit faffy all the time, but can be done...

(Although all BBC regions are on the box, from channel 950 upwards, no other itv regions are on the channel list, hence why you have to manually add them..)

Should have gone for a Freesat HD box, designed for the free UK TV channels, which you can programme for the desired uk regions...and allows you to record, so no need for a Sky box unless you want the sky pay channels...
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By freddo
If you look in the 900 upwards channels you should find Yorkshire TV then you can set it on Favourites
By satandpcguy
freddo wrote:
Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:26 pm
If you look in the 900 upwards channels you should find Yorkshire TV then you can set it on Favourites
BBC regions are in the 950 yes.
No additional ITV regions are there, they have to be manually added to the "other channels" list...which you cannot add into favorites, as this "other channels" is not part of the sky epg
By honey1
I got the sky boxes as they are what we are used to my hubby is 84 and things get very complicated change is a pain sometimes, never mind I will try whats been said and if I cant do it not to worry thank you all x
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