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By dave c
Hi all,
I'm using outlook email and can't get any to open or delete. I can see all mail etc, but can't do anything with it. Can't get into settings, account or anything!
Anyone any ideas?
I've tried system restore to a few days ago.
By dave c
seems to be working ok again!!!!!
What I noticed was that there were no ads appearing down the right hand side of the page as usual - it was blank and I was getting no response at all. Then an ad appeared, and with it, it started working ok again!
By dave c
I've always had them at the side of the page. especially after I've been searching for something online - flights from Ryanair, for instance, I'm no sooner finished than ads from jet 2, easyjet etc. start appearing on the right hand side.
:? :? :?
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By Sheff_Blade
freddo wrote:
Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:51 pm
Change your web browser and make sure you turn off ads in settings

I'm not sure how you turn off ads, though it would be nice if you could. I assume you mean pop-ups, in which case I don't think the Outlook web page is a pop-up. It's more like an iframe or floating div down the right-hand panel; a bit like this page.
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By Sheff_Blade
Found it! You must be referring to Ad Blocker in Chrome that came out earlier this year as a built-in alternative to add-ons. The Chrome Ad Blocker is apparently switched on by default so I must admit it does little for me; it certainly doesn't stop the Outlook adverts from appearing.

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