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By mariac
We have been losing channels for the last few days , first we lost channel 4
We still had 4+1
We thought it was the weather, it started last Friday very very rain for about 15 minutes .
Now we've lost loads , film film 4 5 more 4 sky news .bbc Scotland..
Most of the stations are now breaking up.
We have a dish on the front of the house, I think we have it 4 years .
Now everything is gone
Anybody able to help
By TVTechnology
Hi Maria,

If you speak with Sue, she will able to assist. She controls the local servce technicians for the TV/Satellite installers/maintenance etc.

Sue - 865774055
By mariac
Thanks Sue for the call.
I spoke with my neighbors and they have the same problem so I think it is the weather.
We will monitor it for a few days and get back to you.
By mariac
It wasn't the dish, it was the box that connects to the dish.
It was very old probably 10 years old , we bought a new box tiny little thing and now we get all the stations including HD .
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