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By ianto
Amazon Spain has the new Alexa models on sale now.
Some great opening offers €50 off an echo plus with free Philips hue bulb
By TVTechnology
I'm not paying Amazon money to earwig my conversations with the fundamental focus is to push/sell you more through Amazon. Already we have issues with privacy and a device which is listening to you the whole time, which achieves nothing more than I can do with either my smartphone or tablet is nothing more than you paying Amazon, so they can take more money off you for what is a basic device, that the only benefit over your smartphone or tablet, is that is has a better speaker - for that there are some quality performers which are much better than Amazon.

There is no question this is another device simply placed in your house to take more money off you - just be careful what you say, as it's listening & despite what Amazon say, it's been hacked a few times.

I have a better quality portable speaker & if I want to know the weather - whatever, I can ask my phone or tablet. Yes I am cynical, but not convinced this is needed or a necessary technology, given other devices people already own do almost the same thing.

It's simply to make you buy more Amazon products, the rest is a distraction - they don't care if they make a profit on them, they just want the speaker in your house listening to you.
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