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By Bill Posters
Curious; is there a security negative when your Wi-Fi connection is shared with a neighbour? Theoretically, could a neighbour access your system without having to be a boffin?
By freddo
Yes they could, there are plenty of Youtube videos showing how to, I could sit outside your house and access your WiFi very easily
By Bill Posters
Thanks Freddo, disquieting.... might explain why late at night hours after I switched my laptop off it mysteriously turned itself on. An expert ~ who is unaware that I shared my WiFi with my immediate neighbour was bemused. Would such a hacker have the same freedom as me? Access to my documents or emails, browsing history, etc. Thanks for being helpful. Bill
By freddo
They would have but there are many causes of laptops turning on by themselves most are because the power settings are wrongly configured
If the settings are set correctly and the laptop has been switched off in the correct manner then there is no way anyone could switch it back on
By Bill Posters
My suspicions were aroused when having moved home my laptop mysteriously stopped 'switching itself on' during the late night. At my previous home, where a neighbour did share my WiFi, this happened most nights but not once since I moved 10 days ago.

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