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By dave c
Hi all,
Doe sanyone know if there are tv repair men in cabo roig area?
My LG tv is working ok, but there is a small warning sign right in the middle of the screen saying " this function is not available now " when I try to go into menu to reset it, the menu just races thru itself so fast I can't stop it ! it just keeps changing from one thing to another - at random.
Anyone any ideas?
By freddo
Try Holding down the On/Off Button on the TV itself when you use the remote to turn the tv on ,when tv starts release the remote button then release the one on the TV please let me know what happens
By dave c
Hi Freddo,
I've tried holding the ok button on the side of the tv and the sign goes away, but as soon as I release the button it comes straight back.
I've just got back, but have friends going out next week and I'll give them this info to try.
By freddo
You could also try holding the On button on tv for 2 minutes before releasing this will delete the memory
If you give me the model number exact I can see what else you can do I repair TVs but am not in Cabo Roig
By dave c
Hi freddo, sorry for delay in getting back to you. been away for long weekend.
I know it's an LG 32in but have friends going out next week, I'll get them to try these first and get back to you.
Thanks again
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