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By harrodene
Recently got iptv installed from a company advertised in the local newspaper but finding it still freezes even though I have over 40 megabytes up and download speed with the ping being 4 ,is anybody else got similar problems and could it be the internet companies 'throttling ' ?
By freddo
More than likely the Player you are using to run the stream but you need to get the company or person to check the box
You could have got all you wanted free just by downloading "livenettv" on to your box
By happyhotspur
The whole iPTV issue is a minefield I have two subscriptions both paid one has always stuttered and pixilated yet the other sub works perfectly ok nearly all the time.
All iPTV will at the really busy times have some issues due to the amount of users at the same time and the limitations of their own servers but also some ISP companies do indeed 'throttle' but how you prove which one is at fault is a totally mystery to me.
However compared to a friend of mine over in the USA what we pay over here seems on the high side in comparison for the same programs, but does your sub include 'catch up' which does seem to add significantly to the price here.
Not tried feddo's suggestion but if he says it works then it does
By harrodene
Yes mine does have catch up tv and it's a 4k ultra box . Really annoying as tonight's real Madrid game totally useless on bt sports. Just hoping these 3 weeks of mayhem in August will quieten down so the internet get better. Company now advertising special deal 199€ over summer but if they get to many customers does that not affect the quality and stability of the broadcast?
By freddo
BT Sports works great on Livenettv and it is free

Check your true download speed here this will give you a true speed test
By happyhotspur
I watched that game too without a hitch on my cheap sub but on the more expensive one it kept freezing, very strange and both on the same ISP providers system
Maybe its the box?
By freddo
A lot depends on what Player you are using MX is good as is VLC
By harrodene
I have livenettv and mobdro but to many adverts these days and used to crash a few times using my Chromecast so that's why I changed to iptv.
My latency test was 5 unloaded and 144 loaded both my upload and download were 40 megabytes so this should be Ok?
By freddo
I have never had a problem with Adverts on Livenettv do not use Mobdro as it is borrowed from another providers streams
a Good PIng should be below 20mbps
did you check on
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