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By wingnut
Recently there have been black squares or rectangles about the size of a cigarette packet appearing randomly across the screen and then they disappear again. Sometimes they are behind the image on screen but more often they obscure what should be there.
Any suggestions as to what the cause could be?

If it needs technical attention could anyone recommend someone to do a home visit, or a repair shop in Torrevieja area?

Many thanks.
By Lincoln45
Had this on a HP laptop. In my case it turned out to be an update causing the problem. Did a system restore to just before the problem occurred. Been ok since.

Google it and you'll see plenty of references to the problem.

Unfortunately for whatever reason, System Restore (Protection Settings) is not turned on by default in Windows 10
By wingnut
Thanks for the suggestions.
(It's a tower, not sure of the make, running Windows 10 and using Google Chrome).
By Lincoln45
There is a program called Belarc Advisor, which you can download and run. This will tell you all about your system, model, make of motherboard, graphics etc. Its free and does not spam you with junk etc
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