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By happyhotspur
Can you use your own router to your supplied isp connection or do you have to use the router the isp company provide?
if you can use your own do you have an recommendations
By satandpcguy
As long as you know all the settings your ISP use, you can use your own modem router.
By TVTechnology
I'd like to state Telfy - have been installing 10-year-old model routers for their wimax, which is a joke.

For some this won't cause too much of a problem, but the lack of a WPS button (to easily connect to modern devices) & limited multiple device connections, is 'below par' - I even phoned them up and asked why they would consider supplying such an ancient product and got the usual Spanish answer 'it is what it is' - despite it causing multiple issues and costing them time and money with their own service technicians. Amateurish.
By happyhotspur
Yes we have heard similar stories from other Telfy customers
I've been supplied a Huawei Echolife HS8546 also with no wps button, supposed to be brand new but suspect its old stock
But what choice do you have with Fibre Optic internet here?
Hence asking if I bought my own router and used it rather than theirs
Thanks for your response
By Conrad
But what choice do you have with Fibre Optic internet here?

depends on where you live I suppose Ole and TV horadada don't use that model as far as I know
By happyhotspur
I'm not sure and I think others on here can give us the full run down but I thought all these companies were sub contractors for the main supplier of Fibre Optic Internet here and I was told that the main supplier was Orange
But as I said I'm not really sure, but here on La Finca we have Telfy, Vega Fibra and Thor along with several others so they can't all be putting in their own Optic cables
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