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By tonygold
has anyone on here ever used this company for holiday wifi?
they advertise a daily rate for internet which would suit me as i come out for shorter periods throughout the year and other companies, it would appear, you need to pay for a calendar month at a time.
i'm in villamartin so it would be good if someone nearby has used them as they advertise a speed of 8mb which i believe would stream HD tv via my android box, but i would like to know if that speed is actually achievable or just an optimistic 'guesstimate'.

web site address below, scroll down the page for the list of daily charges:

url not allowed on forum

many thanks.
By welchb
Hi Tony,

We use these guys for our internet and on a Pay As You Go basis as we're not in Spain on a permenant basis.

We've used the service now for approx 5 years and overall I've found it very good/reliable and their service to back it up is also very good.

The speed is as advertised most of the time @8mb, however we've found the odd occassion where it's slower, for an hour or so and odd occassions when the service isn't there for a short period of time.

I cannot really comapre this to other services, as have not used them, however reading some older board posts this doesn't seem to different to what alot of people get from their providers.

We're close to LaZenia/Campomor

Pete and Nicky (The P & N as per the name suggests) are the owners and they have a small team of people who work for them.

I'm sure there's other services to compare to, however these guys/service and price does what we need.

All the best
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