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By WendyH
We currently have Sky subscription with a recordable box. Getting cheesed off with all the channel changes they make each time they increase the prices so have been thinking of stopping subscription and just having the free channels (whatever they might be). If I do this will I still be able to use the recordable option on the box?
By alan p
Hello Wendy no you won’t be able to use the box to record. I have replaced my Sky box to a Humax 1100 freesat recorder about 2 weeks ago because of the same problem. Alan.
By TVTechnology
Sky have been getting 'rude' with prices since we first subscribed to Sky Sports, then they add in pay per view.

HD becomes available, donkey's years later they charge £10 a month extra.

Sky simply ask too much in comparison now with a lot of other services.

The Humax Freesat box mentioned, is a solid piece of equipment - not supplied or warranty in Spain, Amazon / Ebay UK - this will get you the free to air channels which is all the UK terrestrials BBC/ITV/4's/5's/CBS/SKY news - it won't get you Sky movies, sports, or the likes of Sky One, Discovery etc.

There are alternative options now available if you do have the internet, from approx €20 per month for Terrestrial/Sky/Catch up/On demand - welcome to PM for more info.
By satandpcguy
WendyH wrote:
Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:04 pm
Thank you both for your very helpful replies. Yes, Sky are a rip-off now so when our current time is up with them I'll probably ditch them.
You can always ask them for a deal...generally 50% off can be given....with 75% off in very rare occasions. IF you dont ask you dont get.

But also note they have changed thier packages and prices again.,..having just one "entertainment package", instead of two (price decrease) which you will see in may when they rearrange their channel numbering system in May , option to remove kids channels. And you can now have 1,2,3 or alll sports channels.
Buy yes, HD / box sets is extra, as is sky sports in HD.
By Tazzle
Sky's prices have dropped considerably since Mrs Tazzle and I returned to the UK (although I still complain they are too high whenever I speak to them!). You can now get the entertainment package and Sky Sports, all in HD for £40 per month, and Sky Q is excellent. I also get BT Sport free of charge here in the UK as part of my BT package.
By TVTechnology
That looks temporary offer (currently) showing if you order now you can have for 18 month at that price - but will go up. Still good though as looks like most of their offers are for the first 6 months.
By Tazzle
Yes, it's an eighteen month contract, but in reality it's a rolling contract. Since first having Sky ten months ago I've recontracted twice to get better deals. If nothing changed (no better offers) when the eighteen months finished I'd call them to cancel. I KNOW they'd give me the same rate rather than lose the revenue. Sky relies on the apathy of longer term customers, who invariably pay more, to maximize its revenues.

Actually, Sky Sports is increasing by 50 pence a month from April, but I can live with that!
By TVTechnology
Actually, Sky Sports is increasing by 50 pence a month from April, but I can live with that!

Yes, but what gets my goat, is it's not enough to have just Sky sports, the moment there's something I want to REALLY watch, such as the Anthony Joshua boxing world title fight - it's on Sky, but on pay per view €21 euros !!!
By happyhotspur
As long as your iPTV supplier is a genuine supplier with good servers and customer service
But don't forget you also need at least 2mps Internet speed for a stable connection but I agree with Keats you can get all the sports you want with iptv without the huge Sly prices
By keats
it,s what happyhotspur says get a good supplier for your IPTV, myself, son and step son are all using the same supplier been perfect for the last 5 months all for £20 a year :D
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