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By faolteam
Every bloody time I go to watch match of the day and it starts raining ,

that’s it ur sat is inactive unless u want sky news I get so fed up with this

is it really worth having a Sattelitte dish when it surely there’s a way round this :evil:
A larger dish will help reduce the effect of rain, but even then it all depends on how heavy the rain is, as even a 2.4m dish will still lose signals in very heavy rain.
But then even in the UK bad weather can affect the signals it is not unique to Spain.
There are problems with other methods of getting TV also...internet failures, some internet TV providers use satellites for their feeds so are also affected by rain (and at the moment the biannual solar outage, which even affects the UK),
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By MrPhil
Try making a rain hood for your lnb out of a cut down 2lt plastic bottle to protect it from the rain and make sure all f connectors are protected from the rain.Also polish lnb with clear polish so any rain drops fall of lnb. These simple cheap measures should help a bit.Plenty of advice online .
Your TV should not stop working with a little rain.

This may indicate your signal is weaker than it should be in the first instance & a little rain is enough to put it over the edge.

Rain will refract/reduce signal - but light/normal rainfall should be fine - except on all but a the weakest channels.

Only in instances of very heavy rain or gotta fria should you have a problem - and then it would seem during the recent rains, so have the internet service providers!

LNB's are designed to work outside - not sure putting a 'hood;' on it won't enlarge the size of the LNB, shield more of the dish signal in the first place and thus have the opposite affect. It may work in some applications where you have a stronger signal to begin with - though as i've seen no evidence of it working here, a little unsure.

It may simply be the dish is not tuned that well and/or we are dealing with a little signal loss, whether be from tuning, old cable or maybe even the LNB which may be a few years old - combination of factors.
We have a 1.9 also and yes it is ok generally in the rain - as are most of the time the 1.4 & 1.45 dishes - but none work in the 'gotta fria', mind you - neither would any external antenna, including internet antennas.

Summary light-mid rainfall most dishes are ok. It is true, the larger the dish - the bigger the signal safety margin (which is why we do not install the cheapest 1.4 dishes as do sit close to the edge of signal) - but super heavy rainfall will stop everything. Fortunately doesn't happen too often.

If you have a dish which loses signal at the first sign of rain - then the dish is probably not as well tuned or signal a little weaker than it should be in the first instance (dish tune/cable/LNB).
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