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As we are tenants and occasionally move it isn’t worthwhile to hook up to Telefonica due to cost and bureaucracy. It seems we are stuck with Wi-Fi (we are with Telecable).

The connection is so slow it is hardly viable. Is there a solution? I see new advertisements promoting fibre-optics and wonder if such might be a reasonable option. Any advice appreciated. Bill.
Freddo's on the right lines - if you are tenants then you do not want to be stuck with a service you may not be able to use if you leave. Fibre will be the same, landline and other costs and is a premium service, so contracts weighed in favour morseo of supplier/longer term users.

Worth checking all the 4G providers and seeing what they are offering. We also use Orange 4G as a backup internet, which is a few years old, on the package we have is 30gb (you can probably get more now) - ok for us, backup. It is not enough to run a TV service on - not at 700meg-1gb for an hour to an hour and a half of SD TV - HD 2-4GB.

For web browsing, emails, bit of youtube - 30gb per month is enough for light/medium users. Always get as much as you can.

Little tip on the 4G routers - key is placement in the property. When testing the same router I rotated 180 degrees and the speed went up 5Mbps - spent half an hour walking round the office, testing to get the best speed. ... f=1-D0ZKYJ

50GB for €39.95 a month - it's a shame we can't get unlimited at that price, as €40 odd a month is not exactly a bargain, especially given it is capped.

This is a bit better Amena - 30 GB for €30 a month, with option of another 20 for €9.95, will save 10 a month if under 30GB use, if not same cost as Orange for the extra (i'm sure Amena uses Orange network)
Amena do use Orange network
I use Vodafone 4G en casa 9 package includes a home phone supplied with all calls in Spain free ) as main internet provider get 55gb per month at speeds up tp 35mbps for 24€ per month and I get another 50gb on a package called Vacation (Holiday Lines ) for 20€ a time I can do this as many times as I want I top up online when I need it
I tend to use 2 routers 1 for computer use and uploading and 1 for streaming TV I also use a portable ADSL Modem and use 1 of the SIM cards with it
I did also just delve a little further and found what we can do with unlimited 4G and found we can offer at €89.75 per month :shock: Bargain. Still at today's money, that is the number for 4G without data capping. I think a little too heavy for most.

Hello, apologies for taking so long to reply but I have been waiting to get a clearer picture of the issue.

We have yet to receive official notification from UFINET who have been doing the maintenance on the Madrid-Alicante main fibre line, that the problem is resolved and service is restored, however throughout the day I have received notification from a number of clients that the connection seems to be returning to normal speeds.

Please test your connection (please remember you MUST test with nothing else using the internet, everything switched off) and if you feel you still have issues please let me know.

If you have one of our IPTV boxes in La Siesta, that may not yet be back on, as as I mentioned, we are still awaiting official confirmation the problem has been fixed. If you do have one of these boxes and it just shows a page with icons (about 10 of them), it will reconnect automatically when service is restored.

I thank you for your patience and understanding during this problematic time.

Kind regards
Wow and some places give 240mb three boxes for three rooms a telephone, free calls 75 euro a month ok I know it’s not Spain just show u how behind it is here :roll:
It is a little behind to say the least in some areas - but bear in mind it is also a population/area issue - Spain has 4.5 times the landmass of the UK, with a lower population - so areas outside of main cities are going to be slower as the costs of these type of installations need to continually fall, to make it viable for smaller communities/populations.

There has just been a change to the law forcing Movstar to share their ducts and connection points with other providers - which should start opening up the game a little more. We know of a few companies which are expanding their fibre infrastructure shortly.

Singapore may have 1Gbs fibre - but i'll trade a few points of internet speed against warmth and quality of life :D we'll get their eventually - just 5-10 years behind everyone else.

A lot of it is BS anyway with the speeds - fast speeds are not always as good as they seem - we've had reports of people far afield elsewhere in Spain - with 50Mbps internet fibre, who still get instability and throttling issues - so they can sometimes seemingly offer the speed, but too many users and they start throttling video portals - indicating you need more than fibre/fast fibre - you need an infrastructure/network that will support many simultaneous users online.

I think one day Movistar / Telefonica realised the future of TV & video was down the internet - problem is they should have planned for this 5 years+ sooner, but far more interested in pleasing shareholders while they install fibre optic in South America, while neglecting their own backyard, they seem to overall to deliver a 2nd class service - they are under a little pressure from the Spanish government, just should have come a lot sooner. There is a lot of old infrastructure still in place, which is well overdue for an update.
where did you find unlimited at 90 euros. The best I found was 150 euros for 30 days unlimited. That was pay as you gothough
We can offer it through our commercial provider. I'd post up a link, but we are currently not a paid sponsor. You can google Television Technology Costa Blanca though ;-) We've not really bothered to offer this product locally as felt too expensive for the majority - costs are €73.55+IVA (€89) per month, installation €82.65+IVA (€100) - stated as up to 20Mbps unlimited 4G, no restrictions on use.
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