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By alan p
Is anyone having problems with sending emails on gmail? I have sent a email but it came back about 24hrs later saying not able to deliver and would try for the next 45hrs to send it. I have just tried to send another email but that said not a valid email address so tried it on Yahoo and it sent it no problem.
I’m using a ipad air2. Thanks Alan.
By old boy
Google are not reporting any problems for any of their services for the last few days, but there was a very short disruption last Thursday for Gmail.

The fact that the original email that you sent was returned to you undelivered seems to suggest that the problem was at the receiver's end, not Google's.
By alan p
Hello old boy Thanks for getting back to me. I think you are right about it being a problem being with the receiver. I have sent a couple more emails and they have gone through no problem. Alan.
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