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By alan p
I have been given a Echo Dot for my birthday and I have set it up to wifi and its working ok I know that it will be limited here in Spain till later in the year.
What I’m wanting to know if anyone has one working with Bluetooth? I have a Juicebar Bluetooth speaker and it works perfect with anything I have connected to but the echo recognises it but just won’t connect to it. I have spoken to Amazon but their help wasn’t very good. Thanks Alan.
By ianto
To pair a Bluetooth-enabled speaker with the Amazon Echo:

Power on your external Bluetooth speaker and start pairing.
Head to the Alexa app (you can also use the web app)
Go to Settings in the left menu.
Choose Devices, and select the Alexa device you want to pair
Tap Bluetooth
Choose Pair a New Device.
You should now see your external device listed. Tap to pair.

hope this helps
By alan p
Hello ianto, Thanks for getting back to me, I have done all what is recommended to do, the echo will recognise the bluetooth speaker but just won’t connect to it. I spoke to Amazon help yesterday but was going round in circles so gave it up.I know its not my speaker and today tried to connect the echo to my android phone it recognised the phone but still wont connect.
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By alan p
I contacted Amazon and was told the Amazon Echo 2nd generation is ok to use here in Spain but the Echo Dot isn’t at the moment but might be later in the year. If you do use it here it won’t do all the things its capable of doing.
By alan p
Hello Ian,
I have my one connected to my ipad also but what they said it wouldn’t do all what its supposed to. At the moment I have used it to listen to BBC radio and it plays no problem that why I was wanting it to connect to my speaker so I could listen outside. I have only had it a week and been busy with my granddaughter who was visiting now she has gone back to the UK I can try doing more with it. Thanks for replying. Alan.
By ianto
Hi Alan
Your welcome...enjoy your echo, it would seem, from what I’ve read, that the full versions of Alexa will arrive in Spain sometime in early October so not too long to wait now.
By alan p
Hello Ian,
I have managed to get the echo dot to work with my phones but still won’t connect to the Juicebar. I’m going to try a different speaker to see if that will work.Alan.
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