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By Rodtoms
Is there anyone who will replace my 2.5m- 6 arm parasol canopy.
Ive asked the guy at the market for a quote but i think the job is too small for him as he quoted me 100€. (which is twice what paid for the original with stem and mechanism.!.)

I've gone through two of these canopies and now i have two fully working stem mechanisms and don't want to buy another whole unit.

I have a full template of the original canopy if anyone can recommend a seamstress or similar with a industrial sewing machine.

Anyone interested ?

We just go to leroy merlin every two years or so and buy a new one
They dont last long with the strong sun bleaching them , the mechanisms do last longer,but they are so cheap its not worth trying to repair them
They're available on UK eBay at around £21. The don't ship to Spain, but you might be able to get someone to post them on to you...
[original URL removed by Pete Knight]

Edited to add, the original URL I posted was incorrect, it should have been this one: ... vHRP-COZjQ

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freddo wrote:
Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:59 pm
Pete Why the Hyperlink are you on commission
I assume that the OP has done some internet searching without any success. Not much point in saying that they are available on xyz site without providing a link, otherwise they'd waste even more time searching, then probably come back and say that they can't find them - in which case I'd have to go to the trouble of searching again and then posting the hyperlink.

The only thing I get commission for is when I post links to Smart DNS Proxy. They have an affiliate program that pays commission if people choose to signup to the service after a free trial period. So far, I've earned $26.90 towards my next renewal.

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