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By Colins
Hi, this is a bit of a long shot…

I had a split unit installed at my holiday home in Lago Jardin, about 10 years ago !

The manual says the unit is a Team SP12000 R407C (the labels on the units are faded).

In recent years we don’t come out so much (about once a year) and the unit has become problematic.

As my wife & I are close to retirement, we plan to come out more often and probably will replace the unit. However we are about to undertake some significant construction works so want to wait until these are finished due to dust etc.

The indoor unit is running and the fan on the condenser unit also operates, but the compressor does not. I think it attempts to start as I can hear a slight humming noise periodically.

My question is….could this possibly be the capacitor that is faulty, if so, is it worth just changing it to see if the unit will operate, and are the capacitors available? I am happy to attempt to change it myself, (if I knew where it was located) any ideas ???

If this is not practical I will contact one of the recommendations in the other A/C posts.

Thanks in advance.


Colin Sharp
By Linkwater
Thanks freddo.
Sounds like a faulty capacitor. It can be found within the outdoor unit above the compressor. Remember to discharge the old one.
By Linkwater
Try CEF on the industrial estate by the water park. Take note of the original wiring and take the old one in. They are normally 35uF for a std aircon.
By Colins

Just by means of an update.

I managed to change the capacitor and the unit is now working.

Many thanks for your assistance.


By minesahauf
Hi read this post with interest and I’m sorry to butt into your conversation but I just wanted to ask if this CEF as all spares parts for air condition equipment. I am specifically looking for a “step motor” to replace one that’s broken I believe it works the direction control of the unit?. Thank you.
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