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By Lizzy
my neighbour and I are considering redesigning the entry to our gardens to remove our waist high gates which sit in a waist high wall going across the front. we will then have 6ft high metal gates with spikes on the top and something like school railings on the wall. the wall length would be about 6ft. The purpose is to make our small courtyards/gardens a bit more secure. anyone got any thoughts? anyone got any recommendations for someone to do this work? anyone got any idea of what this will cost?
If we changed the railings to balustrades, would that be more expensive or cheaper?

any ideas/information greatly appreciated
By Kinchy
I can only comment thus.
If your properties are part of a Community of Owners, then building work like this must go before an AGM for all owners to vote on.
This will be in the Acta of the AGM and the President has to accept the majority vote if its voted in favour as you must accept the majority vote if it is voted against.
If it is voted in favour, then you and your neighbour must seek and pay for a License for "Obras Menores" from your Ayuntamiento.
If this is not sought and you go ahead, the Police (normally the Local) may well ask whoever is doing the work for the License. If none is forthcoming, then the work can be stopped immediately and taken back to its original format.
There may also be fines issued to you and if the builder is not legally registered as an autonomo (self employed) he/she may also face fines.
Mrs Nelson on this forum is an autonomo and my be able to elaborate further.

Hope this helps.
By Hughiemac
Hi, you could try Dirk Van Damme, he did a job on my gates made then higher with spikes on top. It been quite a few years since I used him, but I believe he is still in business. You can contact him on


His email address, or at least was a few years ago was
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