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By dodger
We have a 10 years old Thermotechnic Air Con system which was fitted by the builders TM, when we bought the house.Last time we came to visit our house in Spain was malfunctioning. The outside motors were both going flat out but inside the wall units were all turned off. Heaven only knows for how long, we'd been in UK for previous 5 months!!
I was told by the chap who came to look at it that due to the age of the system the only likely solution would be to completely replace the system, 3 inside units and 2 outside fans!
Our house is in Orihuela Costa, close to the Zenia Mall.
Id appreciate any advice or recommendations as to who I should call to see if the system is salvageable
By Linkwater
Hi, I'm the Mark from Select Air Con. I presume You have had your unit fixed. If not, some times it can be a switch setting on the circuit board or a relay switch stuck on. As a temp solution you can add a power switch to the unit to ensure disconnection.

My favourite fix is to switch the power off, wait 5 mins and restart.

P.S. Thankyou DolAluminio
By dodger
Hi Mark,
You very kindly did come to repair the unit in early July, you visited us 3 times but, due to the age and redundancy of the unit were unable to mend it despite all your efforts.
My very grateful thanks to you for your trouble.
Because you are unable to carry out new installations at the moment I took your advice and commissioned another company to replace the system. It has just been fitted but I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the manner in which the installer has "dumped" the external motors on my solarium. Hopefully these will be sorted when I arrive in Spain next week.

By Linkwater
I bit naughty of the installer. I know your unit was big, but I've cut them up onsite before now. If you're still struggling to get rid, let me know and I'll get the hacksaw out.....
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