Brexit means?

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Re: Brexit means?

Postby Kinchy » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:58 am

had my own Brexit a decade and a half ago.

Ah, so you did not like a situation and decided to take action to change it - fair enough.
So you left the UK and that is your right. But it seems rather strange that you want to remain in the EU. namely Spain and enjoy the perceived benefits brought about by the UK being a member, but "you had had enough" and decided that the UK was somewhere you did not want to live, but enjoy any benefit that being an expat of the UK might bring. Rather hypocritical really.

You are one family and I do not wish to know how many - the leave vote was 17.4 million, now that is gullibility "en masse". :roll:

Well perhaps you might be able to enlighten this gullible person as to what TRUTHS were given to the electorate by the remain supporters. You have obviously deciphered all the lies from the leave campaign, so to educate this gullible voter with the truth should be quite easy - yes ?

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